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Migrate to PoolTogether V5

PoolTogether versions 3 and 4 have been deprecated, withdraw or migrate below:
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I migrate to PoolTogether V5?If you are still using versions 3 or 4 of the PoolTogether protocol, version 5 can offer you more possibilities for assets to deposit, chance to win bigger prizes, more networks to deposit in, a better experience swapping between prize assets, prizes being automatically sent to your wallet, and more.
Can I still win prizes on V3 or V4?While it is still possible for prizes in PoolTogether V3 to be awarded, draws have not been propagated in a long time. On PoolTogether V4, prize pools are in the process of being wound down as described on this governance proposal.
What happens if I forget my unclaimed rewards?Some rewards can be retrieved by whomever deployed them after a long time (usually many months), meaning you won't be able to claim them after such time. We will display any claimable rewards for PoolTogether V3 or V4 above!